Who am I and what do I know about this stuff?

Hi, I'm Ariele.

I'm a doctor of physical therapy, the founder of YogaAnatomyAcademy.com, the face on the magazine cover below, and an interdisciplinary yoga teacher since 2001.

A yoga injury led me on the long journey to my doctorate in physical therapy. I've studied and am influenced by many styles of yoga, including many meditative and alignment-heavy types.

Yet when -- despite all of that alignment emphasis -- yoga asana practice kept aggravating that initial injury, self myofascial release became a crucial part of my recovery and regular "movement diet."

Way of the Happy Fascia synthesizes:

  • my years of experience with self-treatment,
  • academic study of connective tissue,
  • continuing education in fascia release,
  • and experience treating and empowering thousands of patients to further heal themselves

...into a lifelong journey for you in support of your optimal health. Enjoy!

To your optimal health,

Dr. Ariele Foster, PT, DPT, E-RYT 500



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